Birch Avenue Tattoo - The Project

Todd "Soup" Matyas, took ownership of the tattoo shop he was running in Flagstaff, AZ and renamed it Birch Avenue Tattoo. He needed among other things a new website and guess who's number he called.

To begin the rebranding he was fortunate to get tattooer and sign painter Chris Brugger, to create a new sign for the front of his shop. Based on the sign, I recreated the fancy lettering designed by Chris, for use as a logo. Continuing from that shiny gold theme I created a framed "Tattooer" navigation using each tattooer's favorite "Rock Frontman" as representation for their page. Upon hovering your mouse over each "Rocker" the button turns from a black and white pose to a color pose as well as displaying the schedule of that tattooer and a photo of one of their work.

Add in bios, galleries and a merch section with PayPal credit card processing, you get the all new Birch Avenue Tattoo website.