The Aloha Monkey Tattoo and Piercing - The Project

Josh Arment, took over the reigns of The Aloha Monkey in 2001, from it's founder, legendary tattooer Mike "Rollo" Malone. Ever since he has held true to the old traditions of the trade while expanding the business to accommodate his increasing clientele.

When Josh, came to me he already had a website, but it was out of date and sort of neglected so we decided to scrap the old site and start from scratch. We have a full blown website planned but for the time being launched a one page mini site with basic but current information until the more comprehensive version is ready.

To capture its essence we incorporated elements of the actual shop in the digital design. I recreated the neon signs that glow in the shop windows as well as the lettering on the front door stating a few rules of the shop. Also included are few "flash" designs by the shop founder Mike "Rollo" Malone, as the walls are covered with his flash and that is a big part of what makes this shop amazing.